Interview with The Walking Horse Report!

The Celebration is in full force with competitions daily! Today I competed with my horse Suiza and won the World Championship title against 24 competitors! This class was SUPER special because it was one of the largest classes of the entire show …there was some steep competition! After the day of competition, I got to sit down with Chrystal Abernathy of The Walking Horse Report for an interview. Chrystal and I talked about my nerves before the show and waking up EARLY (aka 2:50am!) to make it all happen. It’s a fine line between warming up your horse for the show and wearing her down. You want to make sure the horse is ready and fresh to give the best show possible. Suiza and I were ready and we ended up with her 23rd World Title! Check out my interview about the performance below!

The Walking Horse Report with Allison Thorson

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