Meet My ThorFurKids!

Whether you call me a close friend or are just getting to know me, you’ve probably already realized my love for animals! Not only did I grow up around animals, but I also have made a career out of a certain type of animal (Hint: They like to neigh and whinny)! To be specific, I am an avid horse and dog lady! Maybe it has to do with four legs..who knows?! Whether I am working at the horse barn, running errands, attending a horse show, traveling across the country, getting their daily pup cup from Starbucks, or hanging out at home….you will most likely find me with my “ThorFurKids” entourage! My K-9 unit is very diverse and they hold a special place in my heart! Meet my fur kids!

Dario: aka Dar Dar is the king of the pack! He is not only the oldest, but he is also the smartest for sure! His loving personality can quickly change once he is outside on the farm “on the prowl”, but I can always count on my old man! (Breed: Huskador)
Molly: aka Princess is definitely the most protective and “female” of the whole pack but she is the best dog anyone could ever ask for! She is always striving for that A+ at the end of each day! (Breed: Huskador)
Shaggy: aka Mr.Friend is always testing my patience but, by far, is the most interesting dog I have ever been around. I was once told the street dogs in Puerto Rico look better than Shaggy! His name really says it all! He is the most vocal but always keeps each minute of the day interesting! (Breed: Beagle/Wired Hair terrier mix)
Trudy: aka TT …might be the smallest and the youngest but do not doubt her toughness! Considering her size, one would think she can’t hang every day but my gosh she can run with the pack like no other! She definitely is a great conversation piece! (Breed: Boston Terrier)

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