Meeting with elected officials of our nation!

One job in this world that is fascinating to me, is becoming an elected official of our great nation. Whether a state government level official or the top office of the USA, the President, both come with an enormous responsibility. I have had the honor to present awards at horse shows, receive awards at horse shows, attend board room meetings, attend luncheons, and work with a handful of notable government officials – President Donald Trump, United States Representatives’ Diane Black, Marsha Blackburn, David Kustoff, and Jim Renacci; United States Senator Lamar Alexander, past Tennessee Governor Phil Bredesen and current candidate for Tennessee Governor, Randy Boyd, just to name a few!

There is a common theme to all of the meetings for which I have taken part – passion to make the United States of America better at every level! I am so fortunate to get to work with these great folks who work tirelessly for an overall, common goal. I cannot wait for future appointments to have important conversations with these notable members of our government.

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