Equine Affaire 2018!

What a great time had by all at Equine Affaire in Columbus, Ohio!

This past week, ThorSport Farm crew loaded up the trailer and headed to Columbus, Ohio for Equine Affaire. Held annually each year, this event is for any kind of horse enthusiast. Shopping at the trade show, horse demonstrations, and clinics are all things that one can participate in at Equine Affaire. When the director and coordinator for this event contacted me to participate in it again this year, I jumped at the offer and opportunity! I have taken horses to this event every year ever since I was a little girl. Each year, I tried to bring or do something with the horses a little different to showcase the versatility of the Tennessee Walking horse, so when I was brainstorming for this year, it didn’t take long for what I wanted to showcase- the youth riders at my barn.

Ever since I aged out of the youth division, I had the vision of wanting to give back to youth or instill the values I learned growing up around the horses with those younger than I. I have served as the Youth Vice President of Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders’ and Exhibitors’ Association and also have been a riding instructor for many years. I was so fortunate to grow up and experience so many opportunities and moments because of horses and I am determined to share those types of lifetime experiences with others.

Equine Affaire is also a great opportunity for the kids that compete at shows under the ThorSport Farm banner to practice with their horses for upcoming competition, so I quickly asked two students that I knew would shine at this event and walk away with memories that will last a lifetime.

This four day event was an opportunity to showcase the versatility of the Tennessee Walking horse and I would say our team represented well! Each day, we rode in a breed exhibition demonstrating the gaits and versatility of the horse breed, worked the breed booth with our horses in stalls and making many faces smile, as well as clinics where we spoke to others about the breed itself!

Eric (ThorSport Farm manager and glorified groom) and I both had just as much fun as the two riding students and their mothers. When attending horse events, long hours and tenacity is definitely involved. From running on the treadmill at 4:30 am, feeding and mucking from 6:00am to 11:30pm, grit is very evident. I know Eric and I thoroughly enjoy what we do so it was fun to give the girls insight on this world by taking them with us to check on the horses and clean stalls late in the evening or putting shavings in stalls throughout the day (to make the horse super happy) ….it was all fun to share this enthusiasm and work ethic. Great times with great company!

I am SO proud of our team at this event! With great organization and preparation, we showcased the Tennessee Walking horse with great enthusiasm! The girls worked really hard practicing at home in Tennessee to get to this event and will take so many core values away with them that they can use in everyday life… forever!

Thank you to my ThorSport Farm crew and my parents for making this opportunity possible! I also want to give a big ole hug to the families of the girls that rode, thank you for the opportunity to work with such talented and amazing kids!
















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