Sweat it out! Fitness for the win!

Fitness has always played an important role in my life! As a little girl, and now a working woman, I always started my day out with some form of workout! Still to this day, the workout always sets the tone for the day. Whether I have a day full of meetings and office work ahead or traveling to a destination, doing on-camera TV work, or competing at a horse show… can’t go wrong with a morning session!

I am very strict about my workouts just because if I stick to it, the sense of accomplishment and confidence carries over into whatever the day may bring for me. Whether it’s a 20-30 min run and stretching or an hour long boxing class, I always look forward to and enjoy my workouts.

I often set my schedule ahead of time so my workouts fit into my workload and travel schedule. From long distance runs to boxing classes or weight training with my personal trainer, I make sure my schedule is balanced and sets me up for success (and not fatigue) for the rest of the day!

Besides planning and setting goals, I also have a major interest in nutrition. Living a balanced and healthy life not only has a lot to do with working out, but it also depends on what is being consumed! I try to eat as much wholesome foods such as vegetables, lean meats, fruit, and “good carbs” as possible!

Considering that I travel often and attend many events, I also recognize that it is ok to splurge here and there as long as I return back to my routine of eating well and getting some for of exercise! It is all aboance!

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