Busy on the Farm!

January seems to be a time to refresh and refocus in every aspect of life. Around the farm, we’re doing the same! We’ve been busy prepping the fields for another year of hay, continually touching up on barn renovations, and sprucing everything up, all in preparation for the upcoming year! We’re excited to gear up for another year of business and events around the farm!
The day to day business of running the farm is always eventful! Our farm offers boarding, lessons, training, and event rental space. Since we offer so many services, the staff of ThorSport and I are always on call!

A day on the farm begins with early mornings often based around the horses’ care such as feeding, cleaning, and turn out for the horses, which starts bright and early before the sunrise. Thoughout the day, customers are often working with their horses throughout the facilities and arenas on the property. Besides making sure projects inside are being completed with horses and barn maintenance, our farm also has an outdoor team working hard all day long maintaining the fence line, working the fields, landscaping, and also preparing for our housing development coming soon to the area called, “The Farm.” Because we house around 80 horses full time and have a great amount of land to maintain, the days are very full! Aside from making sure tasks and goals are being completed around ThorSport both indoor and outdoor, you can often find me working on office work in the offices on the property or working horses in preparation for competition.

Even though the days are long, I wouldn’t trade the business and career for anything! Besides being passionate about our agriculture and equine focused companies, I am quick to credit the team I am surrounded by to help make it all happen! Looking forward to sharing with you events that we host, property development, and happenings with the horse farm for this upcoming year! Stay tuned!

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